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Σάββατο, 1 Απριλίου 2017

Classics and Political Extremism in the 21st Century - 20/05/2017, Cambridge (England)

2016 was a year of turbulent political changes, which unsettled the entire liberal consensus and brought extremism into the mainstream. Whatever one’s views of the wisdom of Brexit, potential Grexit, and the USA election result – our aim is not to rehearse arguments for or against these – they have undeniably had a transformational effect on our collective political and cultural environment, values and language. One of the less predictable and  less obvious results of these shifts has been the return, in a new guise, of appeals to the foundational value of classical culture as a source of white, Western ideals, notably in alt-right media outlets such as Breitbart, on extremist websites, and in the proclamations of nationalist parties like Golden Dawn. 

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 20/05/2017





11.30-1.00     Barbara Graziosi, Tim Whitmarsh: the UK scene
2.00-3.30       Konstantinos Poulis, Johanna Hanink: Greece
4.00-5.30       Donna Zuckerberg, Yung In Chae: the USA

5.30-6.00       Closing discussion

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